'NO ESCAPE' for Owen Wilson

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People often forget that Owen Wilson was the impressive lead in action war film 'Behind Enemy Lines'. Although it's been a while since comedy veteran Wilson has ventured into this territory, he seems to be the perfect casting choice for 'No Escape'

'No Escape' directed by John Erick Dowdle (Quarantine, Devil, As Above, So Below), also stars Pierce Brosnan and Lake Bell running for their lives from rebels in war-torn Southeast Asia. 

Wilson stars as an American engineer and father, Jack Dwyer who has just relocated with his family to Asia. After Jack gets caught in a violent clash between rebels and local police, he witnesses an American tourist slaughtered outside his hotel. Realising that all foreigners are in danger of their lives, Jack and his family must figure out a way to escape. 

The trailer is intense and showcases Owen Wilson's talent, as he is  clearly back to his dramatic best. 

'No Escape' is out in cinemas now. 

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