Are you brave enough for 'The Walk'?

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in 'The Walk', the true story of French tightrope walker Philippe Petit, who found fame in 1974 when he walked on a wire between the towers of The World Trade Centre

I'm not sure this is the one for you if you suffer from vertigo, the effects look incredible (as do JG-L's blue contacts) but if you can manage getting over that, this looks certain to be another classic Zemericks can add to his mammoth list of blockbuster hits!

Directed by Robert Zemericks ('Back to the Future'/ 'Forest Gump' and 'Castaway' are just the tip of the iceberg on his resume) and starring Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon and  Ben Schwartz, 'The Walk' will be released on the 30th September 2015 in IMAX 3D and October 9th in regular 2D. 

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